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Clemency Burton-Hill, host

Launching New “Healing with Music” Series

Princeton University Concerts Debut


Thursday, September 29, 2022, 7:30 PM EDT


Richardson Auditorium, Alexander Hall


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Burton-Hill is an evangelist for classical music."

Publishers Weekly

Healing with Music

About the Event

“If there are words and music and light and humans communicating, then I know it’s going to be OK. It has to be, doesn’t it?” poses Clemency Burton-Hill. Those words, though universal, take on an ever deeper meaning timed after the beloved award-winning broadcaster, writer, musician, and podcast host embarked on a miraculous and arduous recovery from a massive brain aneurysm in January 2020. As the host of our new Healing with Music series, she will interview fellow musicians for whom music has played a pivotal role in their own encounters with illness and other personal upheaval. But first, she will be our guest-of-honor in this special launch to the series that will introduce you to her remarkably stirring story, featuring live music that played a crucial role within her ever-continuing journey of recovery. We can think of no more fitting way to begin our 2022-23 season than in the company of this inspiring and truly incomparable human being who has devoted her life to making classical music accessible to all.


Humans have been using sounds as a way to exist and endure since the start of time. As we return to the concert hall after the trauma of a pandemic, we will be guided by three artists whose stories of resilience in facing illness and personal upheaval shed light on music’s profound impact in events combining conversation and live performance.

PLEASE NOTE: All attendees will be required to show photo ID and proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to the maximum extent, which now includes a booster shot for all eligible to receive it. Please read our COVID-19 policies in advance of attendance.

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