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Musician Rhiannon Giddens Spotlight

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June 3, 2021
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For this week’s Collective Listening Project, we share an extraordinary pandemic project by musician Rhiannon Giddens. Released this past April, her latest album, They’re Calling Me Home, was recorded with her partner Francesco Turrisi during lockdown over the course of six days on an isolated working farm just outside of Dublin, Ireland. The twelve tracks explore the core of our shared experience of this past year—our relationships to our sense of home and our grappling with death on a previously unfathomable scale.

Giddens continued that exploration with host Helga Davis in the final episode of our Unmasking the Arts conversation series, released earlier this week. “Those feelings that you have…you experience them through the song, and at the end, you’re a little bit lighter,” shares Giddens. We hope that they help you feel a little bit lighter as you listen, too.

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