Collective Listening Project

Princeton University Concerts Selects Happy Halloween

Playlist No. 33

About the Playlist

October 29, 2020
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For this week’s Collective Listening Project playlist, Princeton University Concerts exhumes some classical music treasures to celebrate Halloween. Also, check out our composers’ “tunestones,” and see if you can guess who’s buried in each one! 

A Halloween Verse…

Once within pandemic dreary, usually seeking music cheery,
Over many a quaint and curious playlist of forgotten lore—
Now we ponder music scary, some so fearsome, never merry,
Some Mussorgsky—creepy? Very! Marches funeral galore—
All to mark All Hallows’ Evening, songs and dances that abhor.
Music thrilling! Evermore!

On our website, hear these pieces, all the while your fear increases,
And see drawings—masterpieces—de-composers’ “tunestones” gore—
Guess which master’s buried therein, test your knowledge, and you might win
Masks or candy, prizes offered to those who can name the score.
Music scary! Evermore!

Though we’re home, alone and weary, living through pandemic dreary,
Set aside your music theory and enjoy this playlist, for
Halloween comes once a year, bringing candy, spooks, and fear,
Big black cats, and friendly cheer, cheer through notes from days of yore,
Soon we’ll gather all together, once this plague has passed us o’er.
Music awesome! Evermore!