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Dance for PD®
A Mark Morris Dance Group Program

Exploring the Intersection of Music, Dance & Parkinson’s

Princeton University Concerts Debut


Sunday, March 3, 2024, 3:00 PM EST


Venue TBA, Princeton University Campus


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Music is like a red carpet that rolls out in front of me and allows me to move in ways I can't otherwise move.”

—Dance for PD® participant

Concert Classics Plus Series

About the Event

“What happens to me when my feet feel like glue and they’re stuck on the floor — I sometimes cannot walk, but I can dance…the music leads me to a place where I am weightless” shares Cyndy, a participant of Dance for PD®. Developed by the Mark Morris Dance Group into a model for classes in more than 300 communities and 25 countries, the program applies the insight and techniques used by dancers to guide their own bodies and minds to benefit people with Parkinson’s. Join us for an experiential panel, led by Dance for PD®’s founding teacher and Program Director David Leventhal and including local experts from the Princeton University faculty, that explores the intersection of music, dance, and Parkinson’s. The event will include a performance of Mark Morris choreography, adapted for the Parkinson’s community and set to live music, by local Dance for PD® participants.


Humans have been using sounds as a way to exist and endure since the start of time. This series of events combining conversation and live performance highlights stories of resilience in facing illness and personal upheaval that shed light on music’s profound impact. You can share your own story of music’s restorative role in your life here.

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  • An Experiential Panel

    including an adapted performance of Mark Morris’ choreography by dancers from a local chapter of Dance for PD®, performed to live music.

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